Sunday, December 19, 2010

Merry Christmas PEEPS !!

Hehe .. sorry for not writting for aa long time .. haha , too lazy bh .. Woohoo !! Nxt week will be christmas already !! Yeah ... Can't wait ... Btw , tomorrow i will go to Bario already .. Going thr for 8 nites ... APUUU !! Lama the very lama .. And the sad thing is , Eiligh and her family will nt be hving xmas i Bario ... Hw sad is that ? VERY SAD !! It'll be very2 boring ... mannn ... first time i go to Bario without her ... Well nt really ezatcly .. Hehe ... Anyway , i biasa go to Bario with her .... HHHUUUHHHHUUUU !! Sedihnya ... hope it will nt be too boring !! Mannnn , 2 more weeks to scho0l ... so nt lo0king forward la .. UUUUUIII !! mls me wana go to skul , dh la i will nt be in Iltizam , kan Iltizam is no more ..broken english ... ANyway guys ... hv a blessed Xmas !! And a happy new yr ... Gosh !!! i will nt be using FB for many2 days !!! That's bad .... Merry Christmas Guys and a Happy New Year !!!! Gonna miss u guys !!

- And thnx for following yah ? If i hv time , i'll catch up with u guys !! -

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Hahahaxx..yeah its ONE of the main topic for teens,LIKE ME!!Love?hrrmmm,mek si' tau klu mek suka ngen sapa2..bena' ya..Hrmmm..kalo' owg tanya,mek pun si' da jwpn yg bena2..phm sik?Yeah i was in a relati0nship..haha,but utk skawang,mek pun bllurrr..haha..But put study first!! lok,baru cari mate..haha,but its a natural thing foe teens t0 lyke s0me0ne rite?I dunn0 wether i'm in l0ve..haha..watever lh me!!And that is why i call dis post.."SESAT"..hehehe,k lha st0p thinking b0ut love..well mayb!!Yeah t0m0ro is oweldi thursday!!Can't wait foe n will always be!!Lately i really have smangat to g0 to church n rym,after the y0uth camp..hehehexx..miss s0 much the camp..-ROCK ON FOR JESUS DUDES,DADUDES!!-

Monday, October 4, 2010


Yessss...i've finally d0ne my braces..ehhee,well it was n0t exactly painful.I tot it w0uld be s00 painfu..hahahax.S0 happie g0 lucky coz its over!!HHAAhhzz..yeah..h0pefully no one laugh..ehehe,besa bha me,always trasa..hehe..tats why i oledi tell u,jaga my heart..coz it can be br0ken int0 pieces(*CAUTION:Chara's heart is priceless,s0 be careful!!*)hahaha..jus jkg,ngan ambik hati aites?Oh yeah.2m0r0 0redi pmr wan liow..haha,h0pefully eiligh,deb n evry1 pass with flying c0lours  hehe..

T0 all PMR candidates..:
Hey..ehee,don give up aite?
I know u all will d0 well..
Don't w0rry,instead keep on praying to GOD..
Set an example to us young ppl..
I noe u guys will do just fine..
Don't be too nervous coz u will nt concentrate well if nervous..
You will always be in our prayers..
I pray that u all will pass with flying c0l0urs..
^-^God Bless^-^

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Hahhhaax..lawak2 me,calie lha my backgr0und..wakaka..ta' pe,ugly pun apa ku duli',i am wh0 i am 0kayz,hahaz..,toriak wih me niar dr b0b,naru' b122:;* wih!!i don wanna actually!!Ishhhhh...>_<

Saturday, October 2, 2010

miss langkawi!!!urghh..kat langkawi ya..mek tengah buat s'suatu..hahahaxx

Monday, September 27, 2010

My bm sucks lha..hahahax..tapi if in karangan boleh2 lha!!hmmmm,sarawak bm..ape mek nak p0lah ho??,wat shall i d0 nw?well i think its tyme for me t0 continue my ICtl project!!Ohya juz nw during bi,we all masak2..uuuiitttss!!!SOOOOO best grup masak mee leefah*boleh than*beSa bha,my grup kan?hahahazxxx,kidding jk,ngen ambik hati ho..okayzz,,dadadada!!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

SaRaNgHaE!!Get wat i mean..nope?then look at the pic n u'll noe..hehe..well that pic was taken in July when my pamily went to langkawi..i wrote that myself u noe..on the sandy beach!!Urgghhh,rindu banget2 mek ngen langkawi!!EEee..oh ya semalam mek gi ke pemilihan 0lahraga,i donno wether i terpilih,sooo wat?hahax..i juz went to try my luck jak..if tdk dpt,nxt pun ade kannn??Well i g0t num.4 smlm..hahax..esther will folo l0mpat pagar..well l0mpat pagar is seriously nt my thing ya noe!!the last tyme i ikut 0lahrag,i jatuh in fr0nt 0f ppl!!soo humilating aite?But nvrmind,the past is the past and forget everything CHARA!!bye..x0x0..

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Heyyooo..heheh,actually i hv nothing t0 say..heeehhee,but i just want to write somethin',W-E-I-R-D rite?Just wanna say that i really2 miss the Y0UTH CAMP!!! this time,i w0uld be eating at the canteen..ehhee..i'm camp sick n0w,that's the pr0blem ab0ut me,if i enj0y something,i mmg don wanna let g0..well,that's me rite?I was b0rn like that and i just hv t0 folo it..I misss all 0f them soo badly,when i'm there i feel somethinng different..Hopefully next year will be best!!  and remember:c0ntinue to ROCK ON FOR JESUS!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

y0000000..heya..!!I feel so i dunn0..well,t0m0r0 i'm gonna dance for the closing 0f bulan merdeka at my skewl.Nervous pun tidak blh dikatakan,coz i don feel anything nw..LOL!!Gosh,i really miss our church y0uth camp!!eeeee...geramnye me!!oh ya we went to Gua Longhouse at bakam there instead of Niah coz the main water pipe bursted so n0 water,that's why..But nvm,Gua was also very fun!!I think i like gua better than niah..LOL!!Coz if at gua,we can like mix around and if at Niah,dunno lah..malaslha want to explain..:Dheheheh..Plus..the past0r was..AWESOME!!he rock mannn..2 man f0llowed him,C0llin and James..they were suprisingly awesome too!!On the last nite,we slept at around 12:30 a.m,coz we b'cerita with the Pr's team,get it??Collin told us s0me freaking ghost stories..hhehehe..and the pr g0t cerita oso..they were very fun!!UUrghh..i was extremely sooo sad t0 leave,i folo van to go n come!!When we came back,we were all like trying to stay ahead of each other,m sure u will nt get it,but if u were me,u will call it xtremely AWESOME..XD.The message was very touching,and best..i was touched by it..heheh..i really miss all of them larh..*sobb,sobb*huhuuhu..Oh yeah..don 4get,ROCK ON FOR JESUS DUDES!!:D

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Yo whats up mann..??yeah i'm fine..pheww b0ring also this holiday..B0ring but i also don't wanna go to skewl..which i donno why.This year school like sooo b0ring lah,i miss last year.I'm *serious*..i miss everybody frm last yr,really!!This year like everybody 3!=5 their 0w= buisness..But never to worry,asalkan i'm fine and everybody's t00!YAy!!this Friday LBC english have youth camp at niah..yeah..this is what i call fun!!Rather than just sitting in front of the tv and computer,we get to go and explore nature!!ANd mainly let more about JESUS!!Hopefully it will be fun.Amen..Plis Lord make it fun..i pray..Tapi yang sedihnye,si boleh pegi makan kuih raya..*sobbing LOL* lah..maen2 jak!!hehe..okay lah byez!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010 l0ng i haven't update on my much for my so called promise..heheh.Wadehhh!!tomorrow we all have sketch!!EEE..nervous btol me..*well,actually not,maen2 jak..*We are doing the sketch for the Full Time Workers celebration..the sketch is about a man,caught like somewhere in hell,and i'm one of the 'devil's' follower..juz acting ma..and then after that Josiah will be Jesus and all of us the so called devils like pretend to pengsan which i reallly hate to do..coz i'm retarded in acting anyways..but hopefully we do fine tomoro,and we nt nervous okayzz..Amen..God Bless US!!!ANd have a blessed 1 week Raya Holiday guys..:D

Monday, August 30, 2010

HeLl0ooo..whatz up there!!Guess what its holiday now.Well only 1 day lha..Today is M'sia's 53 birthday..HAPPY BIRTHDAY M'SIA!!mann..whats wrong with me..??317 +;;+4 80 b111211k and more!!Gosh...tension..apa2 jak serah all of it to Jesus..coz' he's the almighty Lord..I pray that nothing bad will happen..Amen
  Yay!!nxt week howleeday..get it??Its Raya..and nxt week also our Youth Camp at Niah..CAn't wait!!
I wish i was still a baby now..whateva it is,still have to move on okayzz Chara!!May the Lord help me in any situations..not me only,but everybody!!Bye2 there!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hey there..sorry for not updating for a few days.Now m' using facebook too..hehehe.Wow!What a tired weekend.Frm Friday nite we went to Imperial Mall for Fire Rally.pheww..Esanna was there too..oh gosh i have to do my group's ICTL project after this..dah lha tomoro Ictl,i haven't start yet..thnx alot Chara!!:(who ask me to leave the paper in makmal 'BLUE')now have to do all over again..urghh..i hate to bentang..its so hard!!especially 30122-.! 42+; +42+ 811b7;:+ 80 much!!!U know sometimes studying in Kolej is kinda hard..i donno why..well wateva lah me!!don't care lha..well bbye 4 nw..GBU guys!!

Friday, August 27, 2010


  Hey there..hehe i'm new here and this is my official web..slightly like that.Well,i'm kinda excited about my first bl0g..Actually i did a few b4 this but they didn't turn up well,biasalha me kan budak ketinggalan zaman..hehehe..:)
  Ok,first of all i hope that this blog will also be a place for me to connect with my fwenz..juz like the popular hit website'FACEBOOK'.If anybody x know that web..i will go like,"Okay,that was like weird..who would not know the worlds most popular website??(guess so)".I also pray that nothing bad will happen in this blog..orite??
   I will try my best to write here everyday..(well i hv to c first).I hope i can luahkan my perasaan here.Pliz no benda2 lucah okayz..i don't wanna end up in danger plak..Okay,thats all 4 nw.Hope you'll enjoy my blog..!!