Friday, August 27, 2010


  Hey there..hehe i'm new here and this is my official web..slightly like that.Well,i'm kinda excited about my first bl0g..Actually i did a few b4 this but they didn't turn up well,biasalha me kan budak ketinggalan zaman..hehehe..:)
  Ok,first of all i hope that this blog will also be a place for me to connect with my fwenz..juz like the popular hit website'FACEBOOK'.If anybody x know that web..i will go like,"Okay,that was like weird..who would not know the worlds most popular website??(guess so)".I also pray that nothing bad will happen in this blog..orite??
   I will try my best to write here everyday..(well i hv to c first).I hope i can luahkan my perasaan here.Pliz no benda2 lucah okayz..i don't wanna end up in danger plak..Okay,thats all 4 nw.Hope you'll enjoy my blog..!!