Friday, September 24, 2010

SaRaNgHaE!!Get wat i mean..nope?then look at the pic n u'll noe..hehe..well that pic was taken in July when my pamily went to langkawi..i wrote that myself u noe..on the sandy beach!!Urgghhh,rindu banget2 mek ngen langkawi!!EEee..oh ya semalam mek gi ke pemilihan 0lahraga,i donno wether i terpilih,sooo wat?hahax..i juz went to try my luck jak..if tdk dpt,nxt pun ade kannn??Well i g0t num.4 smlm..hahax..esther will folo l0mpat pagar..well l0mpat pagar is seriously nt my thing ya noe!!the last tyme i ikut 0lahrag,i jatuh in fr0nt 0f ppl!!soo humilating aite?But nvrmind,the past is the past and forget everything CHARA!!bye..x0x0..