Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Hahahaxx..yeah its ONE of the main topic for teens,LIKE ME!!Love?hrrmmm,mek si' tau klu mek suka ngen sapa2..bena' ya..Hrmmm..kalo' owg tanya,mek pun si' da jwpn yg bena2..phm sik?Yeah i was in a relati0nship..haha,but utk skawang,mek pun bllurrr..haha..But put study first!! lok,baru cari mate..haha,but its a natural thing foe teens t0 lyke s0me0ne rite?I dunn0 wether i'm in l0ve..haha..watever lh me!!And that is why i call dis post.."SESAT"..hehehe,k lha st0p thinking b0ut love..well mayb!!Yeah t0m0ro is oweldi thursday!!Can't wait foe n will always be!!Lately i really have smangat to g0 to church n rym,after the y0uth camp..hehehexx..miss s0 much the camp..-ROCK ON FOR JESUS DUDES,DADUDES!!-

Monday, October 4, 2010


Yessss...i've finally d0ne my braces..ehhee,well it was n0t exactly painful.I tot it w0uld be s00 painfu..hahahax.S0 happie g0 lucky coz its over!!HHAAhhzz..yeah..h0pefully no one laugh..ehehe,besa bha me,always trasa..hehe..tats why i oledi tell u,jaga my heart..coz it can be br0ken int0 pieces(*CAUTION:Chara's heart is priceless,s0 be careful!!*)hahaha..jus jkg,ngan ambik hati aites?Oh yeah.2m0r0 0redi pmr wan liow..haha,h0pefully eiligh,deb n evry1 pass with flying c0lours  hehe..

T0 all PMR candidates..:
Hey..ehee,don give up aite?
I know u all will d0 well..
Don't w0rry,instead keep on praying to GOD..
Set an example to us young ppl..
I noe u guys will do just fine..
Don't be too nervous coz u will nt concentrate well if nervous..
You will always be in our prayers..
I pray that u all will pass with flying c0l0urs..
^-^God Bless^-^

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Hahhhaax..lawak2 me,calie lha my backgr0und..wakaka..ta' pe,ugly pun apa ku duli',i am wh0 i am 0kayz,hahaz..,toriak wih me niar dr b0b,naru' b122:;* wih!!i don wanna actually!!Ishhhhh...>_<

Saturday, October 2, 2010

miss langkawi!!!urghh..kat langkawi ya..mek tengah buat s'suatu..hahahaxx