Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Hahahaxx..yeah its ONE of the main topic for teens,LIKE ME!!Love?hrrmmm,mek si' tau klu mek suka ngen sapa2..bena' ya..Hrmmm..kalo' owg tanya,mek pun si' da jwpn yg bena2..phm sik?Yeah i was in a relati0nship..haha,but utk skawang,mek pun bllurrr..haha..But put study first!! lok,baru cari mate..haha,but its a natural thing foe teens t0 lyke s0me0ne rite?I dunn0 wether i'm in l0ve..haha..watever lh me!!And that is why i call dis post.."SESAT"..hehehe,k lha st0p thinking b0ut love..well mayb!!Yeah t0m0ro is oweldi thursday!!Can't wait foe n will always be!!Lately i really have smangat to g0 to church n rym,after the y0uth camp..hehehexx..miss s0 much the camp..-ROCK ON FOR JESUS DUDES,DADUDES!!-

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