Monday, August 30, 2010

HeLl0ooo..whatz up there!!Guess what its holiday now.Well only 1 day lha..Today is M'sia's 53 birthday..HAPPY BIRTHDAY M'SIA!!mann..whats wrong with me..??317 +;;+4 80 b111211k and more!!Gosh...tension..apa2 jak serah all of it to Jesus..coz' he's the almighty Lord..I pray that nothing bad will happen..Amen
  Yay!!nxt week howleeday..get it??Its Raya..and nxt week also our Youth Camp at Niah..CAn't wait!!
I wish i was still a baby now..whateva it is,still have to move on okayzz Chara!!May the Lord help me in any situations..not me only,but everybody!!Bye2 there!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hey there..sorry for not updating for a few days.Now m' using facebook too..hehehe.Wow!What a tired weekend.Frm Friday nite we went to Imperial Mall for Fire Rally.pheww..Esanna was there too..oh gosh i have to do my group's ICTL project after this..dah lha tomoro Ictl,i haven't start yet..thnx alot Chara!!:(who ask me to leave the paper in makmal 'BLUE')now have to do all over again..urghh..i hate to bentang..its so hard!!especially 30122-.! 42+; +42+ 811b7;:+ 80 much!!!U know sometimes studying in Kolej is kinda hard..i donno why..well wateva lah me!!don't care lha..well bbye 4 nw..GBU guys!!

Friday, August 27, 2010


  Hey there..hehe i'm new here and this is my official web..slightly like that.Well,i'm kinda excited about my first bl0g..Actually i did a few b4 this but they didn't turn up well,biasalha me kan budak ketinggalan zaman..hehehe..:)
  Ok,first of all i hope that this blog will also be a place for me to connect with my fwenz..juz like the popular hit website'FACEBOOK'.If anybody x know that web..i will go like,"Okay,that was like weird..who would not know the worlds most popular website??(guess so)".I also pray that nothing bad will happen in this blog..orite??
   I will try my best to write here everyday..(well i hv to c first).I hope i can luahkan my perasaan here.Pliz no benda2 lucah okayz..i don't wanna end up in danger plak..Okay,thats all 4 nw.Hope you'll enjoy my blog..!!