Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hey there..sorry for not updating for a few days.Now m' using facebook too..hehehe.Wow!What a tired weekend.Frm Friday nite we went to Imperial Mall for Fire Rally.pheww..Esanna was there too..oh gosh i have to do my group's ICTL project after this..dah lha tomoro Ictl,i haven't start yet..thnx alot Chara!!:(who ask me to leave the paper in makmal 'BLUE')now have to do all over again..urghh..i hate to bentang..its so hard!!especially 30122-.! 42+; +42+ 811b7;:+ 80 much!!!U know sometimes studying in Kolej is kinda hard..i donno why..well wateva lah me!!don't care lha..well bbye 4 nw..GBU guys!!

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