Monday, August 30, 2010

HeLl0ooo..whatz up there!!Guess what its holiday now.Well only 1 day lha..Today is M'sia's 53 birthday..HAPPY BIRTHDAY M'SIA!!mann..whats wrong with me..??317 +;;+4 80 b111211k and more!!Gosh...tension..apa2 jak serah all of it to Jesus..coz' he's the almighty Lord..I pray that nothing bad will happen..Amen
  Yay!!nxt week howleeday..get it??Its Raya..and nxt week also our Youth Camp at Niah..CAn't wait!!
I wish i was still a baby now..whateva it is,still have to move on okayzz Chara!!May the Lord help me in any situations..not me only,but everybody!!Bye2 there!!

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