Wednesday, September 15, 2010

y0000000..heya..!!I feel so i dunn0..well,t0m0r0 i'm gonna dance for the closing 0f bulan merdeka at my skewl.Nervous pun tidak blh dikatakan,coz i don feel anything nw..LOL!!Gosh,i really miss our church y0uth camp!!eeeee...geramnye me!!oh ya we went to Gua Longhouse at bakam there instead of Niah coz the main water pipe bursted so n0 water,that's why..But nvm,Gua was also very fun!!I think i like gua better than niah..LOL!!Coz if at gua,we can like mix around and if at Niah,dunno lah..malaslha want to explain..:Dheheheh..Plus..the past0r was..AWESOME!!he rock mannn..2 man f0llowed him,C0llin and James..they were suprisingly awesome too!!On the last nite,we slept at around 12:30 a.m,coz we b'cerita with the Pr's team,get it??Collin told us s0me freaking ghost stories..hhehehe..and the pr g0t cerita oso..they were very fun!!UUrghh..i was extremely sooo sad t0 leave,i folo van to go n come!!When we came back,we were all like trying to stay ahead of each other,m sure u will nt get it,but if u were me,u will call it xtremely AWESOME..XD.The message was very touching,and best..i was touched by it..heheh..i really miss all of them larh..*sobb,sobb*huhuuhu..Oh yeah..don 4get,ROCK ON FOR JESUS DUDES!!:D

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