Saturday, September 18, 2010

Heyyooo..heheh,actually i hv nothing t0 say..heeehhee,but i just want to write somethin',W-E-I-R-D rite?Just wanna say that i really2 miss the Y0UTH CAMP!!! this time,i w0uld be eating at the canteen..ehhee..i'm camp sick n0w,that's the pr0blem ab0ut me,if i enj0y something,i mmg don wanna let g0..well,that's me rite?I was b0rn like that and i just hv t0 folo it..I misss all 0f them soo badly,when i'm there i feel somethinng different..Hopefully next year will be best!!  and remember:c0ntinue to ROCK ON FOR JESUS!!

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