Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Yo whats up mann..??yeah i'm fine..pheww b0ring also this holiday..B0ring but i also don't wanna go to skewl..which i donno why.This year school like sooo b0ring lah,i miss last year.I'm *serious*..i miss everybody frm last yr,really!!This year like everybody 3!=5 their 0w= buisness..But never to worry,asalkan i'm fine and everybody's t00!YAy!!this Friday LBC english have youth camp at niah..yeah..this is what i call fun!!Rather than just sitting in front of the tv and computer,we get to go and explore nature!!ANd mainly let more about JESUS!!Hopefully it will be fun.Amen..Plis Lord make it fun..i pray..Tapi yang sedihnye,si boleh pegi makan kuih raya..*sobbing LOL* lah..maen2 jak!!hehe..okay lah byez!!

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  1. correction..*and mainly 'learn' more about JESUS